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Redundancy Support and Career Guidance

Are your thoughts going round in circles about what to do next?

Do you have good days and bad days, in response to redundancy, even if you have chosen redundancy?

Do you feel pressure from friends, family and colleagues who mean well with 'what you should or could do...'?

We can offer you one-to-one support, either during or after employment. Additionally, we offer workshops for groups.

As a result of either the one-to-one sessions or group workshops, you will be:

  • future focussed, with a sense of direction and control
  • understand what you really need from work and what success means to you
  • be able to prepare your CV and prepare for interviews.

"The outplacement support was appreciated and valued by all of the Senior Managers...The personal approach, advice and supporting documentation were both efficient and beneficial, supporting their transition." - Crawley Borough Council

"Thank you for your help and support last year when I was made redundant...the notes and guidance for my CV were particularly good." - West Berkshire Council

"Brilliant. Created an open atmosphere for discussing issues. Lots of practical and useful suggestions" - Anon

"Certainly helped me focus on my strengths and gave me some techniques for managing the changes ahead in a way that suits me." - Anon

About us

SEE is a Regional Employers' Organisation. We offer advice to local authorities across the south east, in addition to a range of training, development and consultancy opportunities tailored to your needs.


The group workshops will cover:

  • career management and why it's important at this time
  • the natural change cycle, and appreciating your reactions are normal
  • your transferable skills and having the confidence to promote them
  • preparing your CV
  • job searching
  • preparing for interviews
  • networking.

For further details about our redundancy support and career guidance services or to book, please email or call 01962 840664.

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