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The Pillars of Social Rights

Your input, comments and amendments are sought on the CEEP draft opinion on the Pillar of Social Rights PDF 524Kb.

The opinion will be the basis of CEEP's answer to the consultation on the Pillar that officially ends on 31 Dec 2016. The analysis of the answers received will inspire the Commission's White Paper on the Pillar.

The CEEP draft is the result of intense work within the Social Affairs Board which has the lead on the issue. However, as mentioned in meetings of the Public Services and Sustainability Board and related task forces', the Pillar goes far beyond the social affairs aspect. Therefore, CEEP thinks that all members should have an interest in contributing to this opinion. That is why they would like to ask:

  • To the members of the Social Affairs Board, to give the opinion a final check to make sure it reflects the line agreed at the last Social Affairs Board meeting of 26 September.
  • To the members of the Public Services and Sustainability Board to concentrate specifically on the chapter "development benchmarks" which is where we need most your support and expertise.

You are of course more than welcome to comment the other parts of the text. However, the part CEEP would not be able to complete without your direct expertise is the one about developing benchmarks for accessible public services.

As you know, the Pillar has a specific part on access to quality services and we do think that this is where CEEP can have its own specific input compared to the other social partners. This is why CEEP thought that the most concrete approach would be to try to create benchmarks for essential services, knowing that other organisations such as BusinessEurope are developing benchmarks, for example, on tax evasion.

In the draft CEEP used an example from an already existing benchmark and they would like you to reflect on whether a similar approach would be possible for other services such as social services, healthcare, education but also water, waste management and so forth.

CEEP would very much appreciate your input by 25 October at the latest.

CEEP do realise that the contribution that they are asking is not a simple one because the instrument we are facing is still very unclear, hence should you need any further information and support from them, do not hesitate to contact