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Moving to the Committee System

The Localism Act 2011 allows all councils to adopt a political management structure which is responds to local needs, priorities and ambitions. This workshop provides councils who are considering/ have adopted the ‘committee system’ with the knowledge and skills to make the system work across there local area.

By the end of the workshop, Councillors will be able to:

  • have a clear understanding of how the committee system works and how it differs with the executive model
  • understand the decision making process within a committee model of working
  • identify the potential of overview and scrutiny within a committee model
  • understand the implications of the model in terms of the member role, skills and its impact on political group dynamics.


Mark Palmer, Development Director, SEE

About us

SEE is a Regional Employers' Organisation. We offer advice to local authorities across the south east, in addition to a range of training, development and consultancy opportunities tailored to your needs.


Content will include:

  • the Localism Act and legislation
  • how a committee model can work effectively and how it differentiates itself from the executive model
  • developing member engagement in overview and scrutiny and how to exert influence
  • the skills required to work within a committee model and how they differ to an executive model
  • how to ensure effective engagement with public and partners through a committee model
  • how a committee model impacts on the political group dynamics.

For further information regarding Moving to the Committee System, please email or call 01962 840664.

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