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Charter for Elected Member Development

Making the most of member development

Any authority that is serious about meeting the needs of its community must be committed to developing its councillors. Most authorities have some form of support programme in place. However, the approach and levels of commitment and effectiveness vary.

The Charter provides a robust, structured framework designed to help the authority enhance and hone member development. This is available for councils, police and fire authorities across the south east and east regions.

Authorities already committed

In the South East, 18 Councils have achieved the Charter status to date.

South East Employers is also leading the Charter for the councils in the Eastern and London regions. In the Eastern region, 18 Councils have obtained Charter status as have 3 London Boroughs .You can access London Council's website here

How much does it cost?

The investment per authority is £3,000 for SEE Members and £3,250 for non members (plus VAT and expenses). This includes the cost of assessment, as well as ongoing support and contact. Your authority has up to three years from committing, to be assessed.

What do others think of the Charter?

.. good practice that should be shared with other regions. As robust a process as you could have, no other region can better this and many others could strengthen their own process up to this standard. Evidence requirement appears to be more explicit in the South-East and Eastern regions".


How  the Charter works? - stages of achieving the Charter

The Charter & Charter Plus - summary accreditation guidelines and framework for the Charter and Charter Plus

Charter & Charter Plus Awards - councils that have achieved the Charter & Charter Plus

Case studies - find out how other authorities have benefited from the Charter


To commit to the Charter or to find out more about how we can help with your member development needs, contact or call 01962 840664.

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