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The Charter for Elected Member Development

There are five key stages in working towards the Charter;

Stage 1: Commitment to the Charter and an Action Plan.

The authority will undertake a self assessment against the Charter criteria and based on the self assessment will develop an Action Plan supported and approved by SEE.

Stage 2: Improving the development of councillors

The local authority works towards achieving the Charter and meeting the requirements of the Action Plan.

Stage 3: Assessment

When a local authority considers it has everything in place to demonstrate it has achieved the Charter they will inform SEE who will make a judgement whether the authority is ready for assessment. An on-site assessment will be carried out by a trained team of an officer, a member, and Mark Palmer from SEE. A comprehensive report will then be sent to the Council following the assessment visit outlining good practice areas for improvement and whether it has achieved Charter status.

Stage 4: Awarding the Charter

When the authority has been assessed and awarded Charter status a certificate from South East Employers will be issued.

Stage 5: Reassessment

Once awarded, the Charter has a 'life span of' three years after which a local authority will be required to submit details of how it has sustained the standard. The authority is then reassessed against the Charter. An informal review after 18 months is also carried out to check progress and identify any needs.

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