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Facet5 Personality Profile

The five factors addressed in Facet5 are now widely accepted as the fundamental building blocks of personality. Facet5 measures these factors quickly and precisely to give the most accurate and easily applied portrait of individual differences in behaviour. Facet5 also allows a detailed breakdown of these five factors into 13 sub-factors to explore subtleties of behaviour at an individual level.

The report is modern-looking, colourful, graphical and easy to read. It provides an impressive amount of data about an individual in one report, and is therefore cost-effective.

Target Audience

Perfect for recruitment, management development or team development.


The cost of setting up the Facet5 questionnaire and obtaining copies of the personality profile/report is £160.00 plus VAT per candidate. Consultant time is charged at £860.00 plus VAT per day. A one-day fee would cover (for up to six candidates) the setting up time, a meeting with the recruitment panel or representative, to go through the data, travel costs and telephone feedback to all candidates, as required, after the recruitment process is complete.

If you wish to use Facet5 for team development, then overlays of profiles can be used to look at differences within a team. One-to-one feedback sessions can be provided in advance of a workshop to explore the differences and build understanding and then action-plan to move a team forward.

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The five factors are:

  • Will - measures how determined the candidate is, how comfortable they are in dealing with confrontation and how independently they like to work.
  • Energy - measures enthusiasm and energy, sociability and interest in being with people and adaptability – the extent to which they involve others in their thinking.
  • Affection - measures how concerned the candidate is towards others, specifically how altruistic, supportive and trusting they are.
  • Control - measures how personally disciplined a candidate is, in terms of how methodical, organised and structured they are in their approach. This factor also measures how willing the person is to take personal responsibility.
  • Emotionality – measures anxiety and apprehension. This factor interacts with the others and affects stability, confidence and emotional state.

As well as analysis of the five factors, the report provides:

  • A ‘Family Portrait’ – stating a reference ‘family’ with a summary of key points from the factor analysis under the headings Word Picture, As a Leader, Motivated by, Contribution to Team and To manage.
  • A ‘Searchlight Review of competence’ under the headings of Leadership, Interpersonal, Initiative and Effort, Communication, Analysis & Decision Making and Planning & Organising.
  • A ‘Leading Edge Guide to leading’ (how to manage the candidate to get the best out of them) under the headings Creating a Vision, Stimulating the Environment, Treating People as Individuals, Goal Setting, Monitoring Performance, Providing Feedback and Developing Careers.
  • ‘Overview of Work Preferences’ - a summary of key ‘drivers’.  

To discuss how the Facet5 Personality Profile service can help you, please email or call 01962 840664.

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