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Charter and Charter Plus for Elected Member Development accreditation guidelines and downloads

1.    There is a clear commitment to councillor development and support

2.    The council has a strategic approach to councillor development

3.    Learning and development is effective in building councillor capacity.

*Please note the bold items are key indicators that the Charter will be measured against.

In January 2017 it was announced that the Charter accreditation had been updated by SEE and the LGA and these changes would be implemented from April 2017. Any authority who commits to the Charter after April 2017 must work towards the new framework, any authority who committed before April 2017 is still able to work against the old accreditation.

Charter for Elected Member Development - pdf downloads

The downloads below contain the framework and self-assessment templates which cover both Charter and Charter Plus. The Charter Plus is based on the same criteria as the Charter, although evidence requirements and assessment processes are more rigorous. Charter Plus is optional and there is no obligation to work towards it following an award of the Charter.

Please note these downloads South East Region based if you require a set of documents for your region, please contact

Further information

Please contact Mark Palmer if you would like to discuss the Charter or Charter Plus, or your other needs around member development.