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SEE Representatives

List of SEE representatives for 2016/2017 PDF 107Kb

All representatives are invited to attend SEE Meetings. There are two full meetings a year.

Below details the role and profile of a Councillor Representative serving on South East Employers. There are 61 full representative appointees who have voting rights and the period of office is for one year (renewable on a yearly basis as required by the council).


  • To be the democratic representative for your council acting as the link between South East Employers and the member council.
  • Provide the strategic direction for the development, implementation and evaluation of the SEE Business Plan.
  • To act as the representative and ambassador for SEE within your council, across the south east region and nationally with local government central bodies.
  • To ensure the interests of your council are represented at the formal meetings of SEE.
  • Provide the strategic lead for SEE around employment, governance and local government improvement initiatives and the delivery of the business plan objectives.
  • Provide strategic direction for policy development and promotion of new products, initiatives and programmes that support local government improvement, improvement within their council, and enhance the reputation of SEE.
  • Collectively or individually lobbying on behalf of SEE around employment and improvement initiatives and themes that support the collective interests of member councils.
  • To provide effective scrutiny and accountability of the development, implementation and delivery of the SEE business plan objectives.


  • Communicate the interests of their councils to SEE
  • Communicate the interests of SEE to their councils

Scrutiny and Challenge

  • Consider and investigate broad policy issues as members of SEE
  • Challenge processes, people and decisions in an objective and constructive manner

Provide Vision

  • Demonstrate openness to new ideas
  • Broaden perspective and enhance effectiveness by learning from others and sharing learning and good practice

Manage Performance

  • Develop knowledge of the role of SEE as a regional employers’ organisation, and input individual council views and expectations at SEE meetings
  • Encourage and support the scrutiny process and respond positively to feedback, challenge and ideas

Political Understanding

  • Represent your groups’ views and values through decisions and actions
  • Understand and adhere to the rules and procedures of SEE

Working in Partnership

  • Assist in the implementation of processes to identify and tackle, in partnership with SEE, issues of council and other organisations that affect the community.
  • Represent the interests of SEE as the appointed representative and provide two-way communication between SEE and the council.
  • Develop a knowledge of SEE rules and procedures and develop a good working relationship with the staff of SEE.


  • Act as the public face and ambassador of SEE
  • Encourage co-operation and communication across political, council, regional and national boundaries