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Personal Development Planning for Councillors

What is Personal Development Planning and Review?

Personal Development Planning and Review takes place with dedicated mentoring support and helps individual members:

  • identify the gaps in knowledge and skills and assess leadership skills/development needs
  • make conscious decisions about how to close those skills gaps
  • outline the potential learning and development opportunities that will enhance members' performance.

Structured Personal Development Planning and Review linked to a Leadership Development Audit assists individual councillors to identify their own development requirements and draw up a realistic plan of action to meet those needs. Personal Development Review also enables the council to contribute to an elected member's development in key areas to assist in confidence building and developing future competence.

Political Skills 360 degree assessment

SEE also offers a new online 360 degree feedback tool for measuring councillors' skills against the Political Skills Framework.

About us

SEE is a Regional Employers' Organisation. We offer advice to local authorities across the south east, in addition to a range of training, development and consultancy opportunities tailored to your needs.


Our approach includes identifying members' learning and leadership styles, completion of on line learning styles questionnaire, Belbin team role profile and the completion of a 360 degree Political Skills Diagnostic. Individual members are supported with a one-to-one coaching session to help them develop a forward-looking Personal Development Review Plan.

Personal Development Cycle

  1. Employment / political work training; personal background / history & aspirations

  2. Health and well-being issues

  3. Identifying yearly role objectives and ways of achieving them

  4. Career counselling / development

A commitment to the South East Charter for Elected Member Development is more positive if it is linked to a specific Personal Development Review.


SEE can provide you with structured support to take forward Personal Development Reviews for elected members. Please email or call 01962 840664 for further details.

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