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SEE has a team of experienced consultants with a wealth of knowledge of local government. We undertake independent and impartial investigations, covering a range of issues such as:

  • grievances
  • disciplinaries
  • whistleblowing allegations
  • bullying and harassment complaints.

We can also provide independent HR advice and employment law expertise to managers and Councillors during hearings and appeals.

About us

SEE is a Regional Employers' Organisation. We offer advice to local authorities across the south east, in addition to a range of training, development and consultancy opportunities tailored to your needs.


The three case studies below illustrates how SEE may assist in undertaking investigations.

Case Study One

We were asked to investigate the sources of discontent amongst a team of older people’s housing managers and find strategies to resolve the situation in advance of an imminent TUPE transfer out of the local authority. They had worked together successfully for a long time and their director had become concerned that morale was very low, good will had been withdrawn and staff appeared to be anxious and withdrawn.

Analysis of interviews with all managers found that they had struggled to engage with new members of the team who were keen to report problems and shortcomings of other members of staff. They were fearful of the changes they would have to make after the TUPE; and they felt unwanted by their current employers.

We recommended implementing a communications policy, training managers according to a common core of competencies and methodologies to remove any room for misunderstanding between them, mediation between some of the more experienced staff, and the new employees and doing some team building sessions.


Case Study Two

A town council asked us to investigate whistleblowing allegations raised by an employee about the behaviour of its most senior member of staff. The allegations focused on failure to follow procedures, giving some members of staff preferential treatment to the detriment of others, and misuse of council resources.

The investigation found that he was overtly favouring one member of staff by asking her to take on more responsible roles outside her remit, and paying her separately for that work, even though there was someone already employed by the council to do it. He was also using council resources inappropriately and failing to manage some of his key responsibilities.

Following a review of the report by the employment panel, the senior member of staff reached a compromise with the councillors and agreed to leave the organisation.


Case Study Three

A Chief Executive came to us following allegations made by a staff member about sexually inappropriate behaviour of one of the senior management team. The allegations were sufficiently serious to warrant the involvement of the police, but the staff member who made the allegations did not wish to involve them.

We carried out a series of interviews, analysed emails, and phone and text records.  We then wrote a report detailing our findings and presented it to the council’s employment panel of councillors.

We found that, although the allegations were false, a number of findings emerged relating to the inappropriate use of resources by the senior manager, and made a series of recommendations.   The councillors agreed with each of our recommendations.


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