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Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation is a confidential and informal way to resolve disagreements between people who work together. The process is assisted by a trained mediator who acts as a facilitator. The process works by encouraging the parties to speak to each other and reach a mutually acceptable agreement that will sort out their problems.

Mediation is:

  • Voluntary – It cannot work unless all parties agree to mediation.
  • A means for reaching agreement –The aim is to achieve a win/win outcome with the parties taking responsibility for making changes and agreeing a more positive way of working for the future.
  • Confidential – The process is carried out on the basis of agreed confidentially between the parties and the mediator.
  • Quick - Mediation can be arranged in a few days and the process can usually be completed in one or two days.

How can SEE help you?

Provide a trained mediator

SEE has a team of trained mediators. We have the advantage of being completely independent and impartial which is an important factor for successful mediation.

Mediation training

SEE offer the following mediation training:

Mediation & Conflict resolution in the Workplace- ILM Endorsed (3 days)

For further information about our mediation services and our competitive charges, or to speak to one of our mediators about how mediation can assist in a particular situation, please contact or telephone 01962 840664.