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Managing Feedback Conversations

Do you dread appraisal and feedback discussions?

Do you feel frustrated or disappointed about an employees behaviour or performance?

Do you experience pressure from your manager to take action?

Feedback is a vital element that can make the difference between a high performing team/ organisation and one that muddles through. We are blending training and coaching approaches to meet your real needs, and therefore now offer one-to-one support or group workshops to help you manage feedback conversations.

Attend either a one-to-one session or group workshop, and this will help you:

  • encourage a culture of performance improvement through the use of feedback
  • communicate your positive intention
  • use a step-by-step method of feedback
  • agree actions with the employee, using a self assessment model.

About us

SEE is a Regional Employers' Organisation. We offer advice to local authorities across the south east, in addition to a range of training, development and consultancy opportunities tailored to your needs.


The group workshop will cover:

  • what stops us giving feedback?
  • communicating positive intention using the Johari's Window model
  • best practice in giving and receiving feedback, with examples
  • empathy and perceptual position analysis
  • feedback exercises
  • agreeing actions following the feedback
  • ensuring dignity is maintained and working relationships are enhanced.

For further details about our managing feedback conversations service, please email or call 01962 840664.

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