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Mediation Study

In 2007, the Gibbons Review recommended early dispute resolution for more effective and appropriate conflict management in the workplace.  Since then, such practices have gained recognition and validation at the heart of modern, enlightened, and hugely cost-effective employee relations strategies.

During 2017, South East Employers engaged with representatives of more than twenty local authorities, not only in the South East but across the UK, conducting a programme of research and in-depth interviews.

In our report and the accompanying suite of case studies and supplementary papers presented below, we explore the stories of those organisations leading the way with improved management of conflict in the workplace.  We look at what they have achieved, and how.  Our goal is to raise the profile of workplace mediation as a necessary and beneficial practice, drive its consideration as a strategic priority and celebrate the progress that has been made, whilst helping to identify and share best practice for the benefit of prospective adopters and practitioners.

Best practice in action: Building resilience in local government through better conflict management PDF 877Kb

A briefing for Chief Executives and Senior Managers who need to build organisational and strategic resilience in order to lead their people through intensifying risk, change and uncertainty.  We look at how workplace conflict can jeopardise plans for the future as well as public services today, and how public sector employers are already mitigating that risk.  We examine a sample selection of public sector organisations and how they have responded through the adoption of workplace mediation.  More than twenty local authorities contributed to this paper, representing councils at the county, unitary, district and borough levels and fire authorities.

Before reading the main paper, you may wish to review the Executive Summary PDF 722Kb.

Case studies: How local authorities are delivering meaningful benefits through workplace mediation

Supplementary papers: The value of workplace mediation in resolving…