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Collaborative Change

Increasingly local authorities are working collaboratively with a significant range of different organisations across the private, public and voluntary sectors to deliver improved value for money services and better outcomes for their customers. Yet, delivering collaborative change is challenging and complex due to the very nature of bringing together a wide range of different organisational cultures, behaviours, priorities, governance systems and hoping that they will somehow find a way of working together! It very rarely happens and experience shows that the most successful collaborative change endeavours benefit from a range of tailored development interventions.


SEE is able to provide bespoke support to enable effective collaborative working around:

  • Visioning and strategic prioritisation
  • Developing collaborative leadership models, board development, governance structures and approaches
  • Business planning and delivery mechanisms
  • Developing the collaborative change 'engine room capacity'
  • Collaborative performance management frameworks
  • Promoting collaborative change progress and success

To arrange a Collaborative Change course for your authority or for more information, please email: or call 01962 840664.