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Political Awareness for Partner Organisations


  • To enhance the police’s awareness of the role of elected councillors in Local Authorities
  • To identify some of the key components of an effective working relationship between the Police and elected councillors and to recognise best practice in this area
  • To enhance appreciation of the skills and values needed for effective meetings
  • To provide participants with the opportunity to discuss their experiences in a secure environment and to begin to explore further development options

The Political Awareness course will consist of some input from the facilitator and a number of group discussions and practical exercises. Participants will be encouraged to relate what they have learnt to their own working environment and to draw up an action plan to apply some of the skills and knowledge learned.


Sue Keogh, Development Consultant, SEE

Case Study

Portsmouth Political Awareness Case Study

About us

SEE is a regional employers' organisation offering a range of training, consultancy and advice to local authorities across the south east. We offer a variety of management development training tailored to the needs of your organisation.


The content for the Political Awareness course will be tailored to meet your specific needs but will normally include:

Session 1

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Agreeing expectations
  • Local picture (input from senior manager)
  • Explanation of the role of the Elected Councillor: background, status, authority

Session 2

  • ‘A day in the life’ of an Elected Councillor (input from Councillor)
  • Group discussion to identify interests and motivations of the Police and Elected Councillors
  • Potential causes of tension
  • Exercise to define the ideal working relationship

Session 3

  • Group discussion to identify the skills and behaviours required to support the working relationship
  • Practical techniques for making the relationship work

Session 4

  • Good practice for running effective meetings
  • Critical incidents / case study to put identified skills and behaviours into practice
  • Action planning
  • Evaluation

To arrange a Political Awareness course or for more information, please email Bev Jackson or call 01962 840664.