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Political Mentoring

Councillors perform a demanding and challenging role in an increasingly complex political landscape. They are the eyes and ears of the communities they serve. They provide leadership and support and in turn they should have access to support of their own.

SEE provides Political Mentoring for councillors that supports:

  • Confidence building for new councillors
  • Support to develop effective partnership working and collaboration
  • To develop further their leadership skills including their community leadership role
  • Support for new roles (e.g. Cabinet, Scrutiny Chairman etc)
  • Support for particular political, community or leadership challenges
  • Support when building new skills such as community engagement or media relations
  • Guidance for those wishing to advance in their political career
  • To know how to work effectively with officers

We offer dedicated training and development to:

  • Support you to develop a political/Group mentoring programme in your council
  • Be an effective 'mentor' and 'mentee' and understand what makes an effective mentoring arrangement.

We are currently running the following course:

We also offer dedicated one to one mentoring for cabinet members,scrutiny chairs and vice chairs and members of planning,licensing committees, and Health and Well Being Boards.

Is Mentoring Right for You?

Mentoring is right for you if you are a councillor who is:

  • New to the job
  • Wanting to advance your political career
  • Taking on a new role
  • Involved in partnership working and collaboration
  • Interested in developing new skills to help you better serve your community
  • Keen to develop expertise in one or ore areas of local government

Benefits to the Mentor

Mentoring is an invaluable personal development opportunity for anyone who wants to draw on their knowledge and experiences in order to encourage, shape and challenge personal and professional self-awareness and learning in another. A successful mentor will need to draw upon and develop a range of complex skills including analysis, problem solving and listening and is likely to gain invaluable perspectives drawn from their own self-reflection and that of their mentee.

Benefits to the Mentee

The programme lets you build a professional relationship with someone with substantial knowledge, skills and experience. This is a unique opportunity to test out your ideas, reflect upon challenges and explore opportunities for professional and personal development in a non-judgmental context. As a mentee you can expect to gain from the insights and experience of your mentor. Taking a proactive approach to setting and shaping discusions will allow you to challenge and investigate your own ideas in order to support personal and organisational improvement.

How long will the mentoring relationship last?

We usually recommend at least 2 to 3 one to one sessions. Each session lasts around 2 hours, depending on the requirments of the mentees.


Mentoring training : The cost for a training session for up to 15 mentors/mentees is £750 plus VAT / travel.

One to One Mentoring: Sessions are priced at £300 per session or for a day (3 mentoring sessions) £750 plus VAT / travel.

For further information regarding Political Mentoing, please email or call 01962 840664.

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