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Research and Surveys

We provide a wide range of research and surveys to our members. These include:

Mini Surveys

We regularly carry out mini surveys on your behalf covering a wide range of subjects in Human Resources and Democratic Services. Topics have included sickness absence, facilities time, multi-disciplinary job descriptions, and the living wage.

For further details on mini surveys, please contact

For information on HR and employment law, please see the Employment A - Z.

HR Benchmarking Survey

A benchmarking survey that covers a wide range of areas, including sickness absence, staffing, benefits and employee representation etc was undertake in 2013. View the reports from the HR Benchmarking Survey.

HR Bite-sized Benchmarking Survey

We recognised at the time we undertook the 2013 Benchmarking Survey that it was a lengthy undertaking which impacted on some people’s ability to complete the survey as fully as we hoped for. However, we also know how important the data collected was in terms of providing evidence for strategic decisions. Our proposed solution is to circulate ‘bite-sized’ benchmarking surveys every other month, focussing on a specific topic area that will be useful to councils.

All reports can be found here.

The proposed annual schedule is:

Circulation* Topic


Sickness Absence


Retention & Turnover


HR Casework


Diversity (including Gender Pay Gap reporting from 2018)


HR Workforce Analytics

* While we aim to circulate each survey in the month indicated, this will depend on other factors including workload.

If you have any suggestions on topics you would like to see covered by these surveys please let the Employment Team know.

Salary Survey

In April 2012, Epaycheck, a national online pay benchmarking service, was launched. This is provided by SEE, along with the other Regional Employers, and gives participating councils the ability to produce user-defined reports with 'real time' information.

Members' Allowances Survey

We conduct an annual Members' Allowances survey. Find out more