27 March


Now that the Chancellor has announced the new Income Support Scheme for the self-employed, it is highly likely that a new wave of scam emails, calls and text messages claiming to be from HMRC will start to circulate. They will no doubt be offering financial help in exchange for you bank details etc. and probably contain a link where an email or text is concerned.


The messages will be scams – do not respond, delete immediately. HMRC do not contact people out of the blue asking for these details.


Be vigilant, stay safe.


26 March


In times of crisis when fear of the unknown is heightened, people – particularly the vulnerable, become more susceptible to trickery. Unfortunately, there are plenty of malicious individuals out there who are willing to leverage the situation in order to make a quick buck.


The government are relying on emails and text messages as communication channels and we are already seeing scams circulating which have untrustworthy links in them. Many have seen text messages which look like they come from GOV.UK and suggest that some kind of financial support package is available. They require your bank details and provide a link for you to click on. These texts are scams and should be deleted immediately. Remember, if the link does not end in “” or “”, it is not legitimate.


The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) are taking down a lot of these malicious websites as soon as they become aware of them. If you are sent a suspicious email or text, please report it via the Netcraft website at:


Be vigilant, stay safe.


The logo for SEGWARP


It is important that we share this message to as many people as possible so we have developed a toolkit that you can easily share via email or your social media channels.

You can download our ‘Be Cyber Aware’ images below. They contain a set of images that can be used in emails or via your own digital channels (web and social)

Square version – for use on Twitter and Facebook

Rectangle version – for use on Linkedin

Social media friendly copy you can use across your channels:

Be Cyber Aware during #COVID19. Follow the #SEGWARP guidelines here and be vigilant and stay safe…


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What is SEGWARP?

South East Government Warning, Advisory and Reporting Point (SEGWARP) is one of a number of groups around the country designed to bring together information security officers from local government. The aim is to provide a one-stop shop for early warning, information sharing and best-practice advice around the latest cyber-security threats.

South East Employers runs SEGWARP in conjunction with a specialist WARP manager. We also have the co-operation of the LGA, other WARPs around the country, local resilience forums and specialist organisations such as the local Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU)

Find out more about SEGWARP and how you can join here.


Useful links

Some helpful resources from the Regional Organised Crime Unit, to kickstart cyber-security conversations in your organisation.

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