We’re all working remotely. But that’s not stopping us…


You can read our full statement about the full measures we have put in place here.


31 March

We held our weekly updates meeting via Microsoft Teams. We’re keeping in touch with each other regularly via email and phone but using video chat at least once a week is a great way for us all to touch base at the same time as well as share thoughts and ideas about each other’s workload. We discussed how we are rolling out consultations, appraisals and more via ZOOM.

We’ve added a specific LGA Education page to our Covid-19 updates  where we have replicated the guidance and advice issued for schools and have also included specific questions and answers relating to schools.

We analysed our 2019 – 2020 query log and discovered that in March, the Employment Team responded to the same number of queries as they responded to in the three months from October to December last yer.  75% of our March queries were related to COVID-19 and many of these relate to the Furlough Scheme the Government has announced. The team are doing their best to turn your questions into FAQs on our COVID-19 Information Hub.

30 March

All calls to our office numbers are now being diverted directly to Jennifer.

We’ve updated out top FAQs to reflect the most asked questions we are currently receiving about Covid-19 including updated information about furloughs and furlough provisions.


27 March

Cyber aware update
We updated our SEGWARP advisory on the website as well as streamlined our COVID-19 coverage into subjects on our updates page.

26 March

Cyber aware
We distributed a message from our SEGWARP group highlighting about being Cyber Aware during the Covid-19 outbreak. You can find the full SEGWARP Cyber Aware guidlines here.


Be Cyber Aware image Segwarp


LGA outreach
We reached out to our contacts to inform them that the  LGA are asking for any indications of emerging staff shortages due to COVID-19 – i.e. are there any particular areas (roles and geography) worst affected to date and are certain jobs being impacted upon more than others? level of impact?


25 March

Regional Employer update
We held a telephone conversation with Regional Employer colleagues and LGA to share what is happening across regions and indications of what is coming down from government. Probably raised more questions than getting answers – but it was very useful.

Useful intelligence and insight was shared between us all to assist with planning for trends in enquiries we may receive, what needs further clarification and potential risks that may arise in providing cover during this unprecedented situation.

The important thing is to share and keep talking so colleagues do not feel alone in decision-making and to learn from each other, build on ideas and we get through this together.

The LGA are preparing joint guidance and circulars daily in rapidly moving situation.

Key things discussed:

  • We now know the CV19 job retention scheme applies to local authorities as well as other sectors
  • May be impacts  on a range of ways we currently do business and manage staff
  • Flexible use of workers / redeployment to other areas to maintain support to colleagues working in critical areas
  • What is a ‘critical worker?’ See the list here.
  • On-going resilience – how can we be creative?
  • Managing people and teams differently with meetings over the phone or using video conferencing

FaceTime for support
We’ve been looking at alternative delivery methods to allow for coaching and 1-1 councillor support whilst still complying with ‘social distancing’.  We recently provided Personal Development Planning support for a councillor in a London Borough using FaceTime rather than a more normal face to face meeting. We are looking at rolling out this approach for other councillors.  SEE is continuing to provide business as (un)usual.


What we do

We are a team of professionally qualified and highly experienced specialists offering independent employment and organisational development advice, support, consultancy services and partnering arrangements to organisations in the south east. As a leading provider of high quality consultancy, training and development in areas of organisational change, leadership, mediation and conflict resolution and compliance with employment law, we will tailor our services to meet your needs. Our focus is to enable organisations to meet their legal responsibilities as employers and to facilitate developing their people to fulfil their potential thereby increasing team morale and adding value to your business. Understanding the importance of sharing, learning and networking, SEE provides a central hub for networks and partnerships. We gather and collate management information and data to share learning and benchmark to help you build on best practice. You don’t need to be a member of SEE to access our services but members do get discounted rates.

We’ve produced a leaflet that you can keep handy, summarising what we can do for you and your teams. You can download it here.

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