We have an opportunity to promote councils to 2021 graduates by including information in a new resource the Department of Education (DfE) are promoting to all graduates this year, and they are keen to include information on local government.

We are looking for councils in the south east to be promoted in this DfE Support pack. This is free of charge and being targeted at all graduates – so seems to us to be a good opportunity to attract young people into local government and show them what an exciting place this can be to learn, develop and progress their careers, see the note for DfE below for more information:



The Department for Education (DfE) are working with the HE sector and cross-Government to develop a support pack for 2021 graduates, which will signpost them to public, private and voluntary sector opportunities for graduates to build employability skills and gain work experience. 

If there are any councils that have opportunities for graduates (short or longer term) which DfE could signpost to these in the pack please let claire.butler@education.gov.uk by Wednesday 31 March. The pack will also encourage graduates to check their local council website for any opportunities. We encourage councils to think about what opportunities they might be able to provide to support graduates, and how graduates might be able to support councils, e.g. providing additional resource over the summer when more employees might want to take leave.

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