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LGA Workforce Surveys

During the COVID-19 Pandemic SEE is working with the LGA to collect key workforce data on how the impact the pandemic is having on our workforce. The survey is circulated fortnightly and the aim is to give council’s a week to respond to each request. The data is submitted directly to the LGA who will undertake the analysis of the data and produce relevant reports. The data will be made available via LGInform for councils to interrogate.

We are aware that councils are likely receiving multiple requests for this data. One of the principles behind the LGA survey is that all agencies seeking this information approach the LGA rather than individual councils. Councils are encouraged to respond to the LGA survey and direct all other requests for data to the LGA.

The Survey

Survey Circulated 20 May 2020 – Data up to 15 May 2020

Summary Results

Workforce Survey Report 1 – Data to 1 May 2020

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