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Term Time Only Review

As part of the 2016-18 pay deal, the NJC agreed to conduct a joint review of term-time working to consider “an NJC approach to deliver fair, consistent and transparent contracts for school support staff and term-time only staff not employed in schools”

In November 2016 the Terms of Reference for the Review Group were issued in a circular. An update was issued in May 2017 confirming the constitution of the working group and the key areas of work.

A further update was issued in September 2018 indicating that due to the complexities of the issues guidance would not be available before the end of the year.

“The review is ongoing. The NJC working group met earlier this week and will be meeting again in mid-November. However, given the complexity of the issues being discussed, it will not be possible to finalise any guidance certainly before the end of the year”

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