The resources listed below have been supplied by member councils and organisations and are available for download.

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Advice Notes and Guidance

Progressing disciplinary and grievance procedures during the Coronavirus Pandemic – guidance note

Acas have just updated their advice to employers regarding variations to processes that we are all very familiar with.  So, in exploring what this means for us, and how we can do things differently to achieve a robust outcome, we need to ensure that the principles of natural justice and fairness remain intact. We at SEE have reviewed this guidance.  Our advice note here is intended as a practical approach to outline what we will be considering when asked to undertake independent investigations on your behalf, to ensure we comply with your policies and procedures and employment legislation. We hope you will find it useful in conducting your own matters internally.

DHSC risk reduction framework for social care employers

DHSC has published risk reduction guidance for social care employers, noting that the social care workforce is vital in supporting the health and care needs within our communities, and that keeping people who work in social care settings, and those who use social care services, safe and well is critical.

The guidance makes clear that adult social care employers have a duty of care to secure the health, safety and welfare of workers and the people who use services, as far as possible.

Service providers should have a process in place to assess and reduce risk for everyone in their care, regardless of characteristics or vulnerabilities. This should include:

  • the risk to the people who use the service, considering any individual characteristics which may put them at increased risk
  • the risk in the workplace, which should include travel to and from, and travel between workplaces
  • the risk to workers, including volunteers, considering any individual characteristics which may put them at increased risk.

Reset Resources

The purpose of this tool is to support teams to take stock of the current ways of working; enabling reflection, capturing learning from our experiences, and using these insights to inform and shape the future. This resource was supplied by West Sussex county Council.

COVID Risk Estimator & Guide

The risk estimator takes into account a cumulative effect of different risk factors (such as age, sex, ethnicity, BMI and underlying health conditions) and produces a result indicating individual’s risk of contracting serious Covid-19 illness.  This resource was supplied by Kent Fire & Rescue.

Risk Assessment – Local Government

Covid19 Risk Assessment – for employees who are Extremely Clinically Vulnerable, Clinically Vulnerable, Living with someone who is Extremely Clinically Vulnerable and BAME employees

A risk assessment questionnaire. This resource has been provided by Harrogate Borough Council. 

COVID-19 Individual Staff Risk Assessment

A resource to enable managers to provide support for staff who have made an authority aware of concerns they may have. This resource has been provided by Sheffield City Council. 

Downloadable Coronavirus Risk Assessment

An adapted Risk Assessment form developed for those during the Covid crisis. This resource was supplied by Wokingham Borough Council.  

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

Guidance on Health and Safety Risk Assessments during the Covid crisis. This resource was supplied by West Berkshire Council.

Health and Safety Risk Assessment and Actions – Wokingham Borough Council

A health and safety risk assessment developed by Wokingham Borough Council.

Risk Assessment – NHS

Health and Wellbeing Risk Assessment

A Health and Wellbeing Risk Assessment provided by Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust.

All Wales COVID-19 Workforce Risk Assessment Tool

This Risk Assessment Tool has been developed to help people working in the NHS and Social Care in Wales to see if they are at higher risk of developing more serious symptoms if they come into contact with the Covid-19 virus.

Risk Assessment and Guidance – Schools

Safety Assessment and Decision Score for School Staff during a COVID-19 Pandemic Infection

A scoring system constructed by members of the medical profession following a review of many research papers and guidance available in order to judge the risk that staff are taking in coming to work. 

Joint Workforce Guidance – Quarantine Rules & self-isolation for planned hospital admissions (Schools & colleges)

In collaboration with the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) and NAHT unions, the LGA have published joint workforce guidance for schools on how to best manage the Government’s current quarantine rules and NHS requirement for self-isolation with regards planned hospital admission.

NEOST staff wellbeing guide for schools and trusts

The guide provides schools and trusts with information and guidance as well as signposting to other resources to best support the wellbeing of their staff, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Samaritans helpline

 In the current climate, you may be feeling stressed or anxious. You might be having more tough days, feeling worried or overwhelmed or you maybe you have things on your mind that you want to talk through.

Samaritans have introduced a confidential emotional support line for social care staff that is free to access from 7:00am-11:00pm, seven days a week. You can speak to a trained Samaritans volunteer who can help with confidential listening and signposting to specific support you might find helpful. Call 0300 131 7000 

Bereavement & Trauma Line

 There is a team of fully qualified and trained professionals ready to help you at the Bereavement & Trauma Line. This assistance is available from anywhere in the country and is provided by Hospice UK. Specialist counsellors and support workers are available to support all adult social care staff:

  • who have experienced a bereavement
  • whose wellbeing has been affected by witnessing traumatic deaths as part of their work
  • to discuss any other anxiety or emotional issues they are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.

All calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence and this will be explained to you when you call. This service is open to you and all adult social care staff and is available, seven days a week, between 8am and 8pm. You do not need a referral. Call 0300 303 4434


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