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We’re delighted to add new courses in social media skills to our portfolio.  Developed by our associate with over a decade of experience in all aspects of social media and marketing, we’re sure they will give you everything you need to engage with your audience in a professional and positive way.

Social media skills are now vital for anyone in a public-facing role, from elected members to contact centre teams.  Learning how to represent your organisation properly can enhance your reputation and build trust with your customers.

We can offer three courses to help.

Social 101 - the basics
Learning outcomes

· An understanding the current Social Media landscape

· Why you SHOULD be using Social Media

· How to create, monitor and analyse your own social channels

· How to find and hone your tone of voice

· Firefighting (the do’s and don’ts, hints and tips)

During this session, we will explore the current Social Media landscape and how it is shaping brands and business. We’ll discuss the various social platforms and the pros and cons of having a presence on them as well as the best media to use on each platform.

We’ll discuss how to create your own profiles and channels, showcasing your services and personality while keeping within your brand guidelines. Are your channels platforms for opinions or are they responsive customer service tools? We’ll highlight free tools you can use to help keep track of your Social Media channels and the simplest ways to follow conversations and topics you want to be a part of.

We’ll discuss and look at examples of ‘tone of voice’ and you will begin to discover your own. What are you offering? What makes you unique? What makes your content engaging?

The session will also explore the importance of analysis and reporting (if relevant) as well as safeguards you can put in place to deal with any issues that may arise.

By the end of the session, you will have a firmer understanding of why Social Media is important and how it is becoming an integral part in any digital marketing strategy. You will feel confident in being able to safely engage with fellow users across all platforms as well as a hunger for exploring your own voice within this rapidly growing medium.

Social for local government
Learning outcomes

· Understand the importance of Social Media within Local Government

· Understand your Tone Of Voice in line with your brand guidelines

· Understand the key reporting statistics so you can feedback to management

· Discuss structure and assign responsibilities

· Begin to develop a posting schedule and discover new methods of content creation and curation

· Security: Who has access to your channels and what safeguards have you in place?

This session is designed for those currently working in the Public Sector and tailored towards understanding the role Social Media has to play when communicating with the public.

The session will cover topics that will help you understand the importance of your Social Media presence from the basics to more advanced SM strategies such as Social Advertising and key structures that should be in place in the event of any ‘breaking news’ that may require timely acknowledgement and response.

A key element of this session will be the exploration of Tone of Voice and finding the right balance of content to ensure that followers are both educated and engaged with your posts.

We’ll discuss how to make your content more engaging and simple hints and tips that will ensure your posts are optimised correctly.

Team structure is a critical pillar of any company so we will take time to discuss the unique challenges that may occur within your team. Where is content coming from? Who needs to approve it? Who do you contact out of hours?

We’ll cover simple topics such as the best time of the day to post and how to analyse your audience to more complex issues such as security and ad budgeting.

By the end of the session, you should have a clearer understanding of your tone of voice and the service you offer. The free tools (both native and third party) that can help you in the day to day running of your accounts. You will know which analytics you should be monitoring in order to report back on the successes of channels and campaigns and feel confident in discussing Social Media within your company in order to gain their support in this customer facing, frontline medium.

Social media content creation and copywriting
Learning outcomes

· Find your tone of voice

· Identify and monitor the right hashtags, conversations and potential influencers and brand ambassadors

· Understand image size, copy formatting and the right channels to post the right content

· The importance of ‘seeding’ and how to do it properly.

· How to plan ahead and create a social media schedule that can be flexible

In this session we will look at good and bad examples of social content. What content works on which platforms and what content you should and shouldn’t use.

We’ll explore ways of creating fresh, engaging content and copy that will appeal to your audience as well as attract new followers and interactions.

We’ll explore hashtags and conversation monitoring, social calendars and quick wins to ensure that you always have good content ready to go as well as methods to locate and identify potential influencers and brand ambassadors.

We’ll discuss how to ‘seed’ your content and make it as organically engaging as possible as well as the benefits of ad spend across your channels.

By the end of the session you will have a good knowledge of how to optimise any post for all the social platforms as well as be in a position to identify great content that can be both created or curated from other forms of media and brand ambassadors. You will have a clearer understanding of your tone of voice, a confidence in creating engaging content as well as knowing where to source material and present it in the best way across each of your channels.

Next steps

Each course is a half-day session, delivered at your premises for up to twelve people.  Two courses can be combined to make a full day at a reduced rate.

To find out more and discuss options and prices, please contact us.

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