Meet the team

Headshot of Jennifer McNeill

Jennifer McNeill

Regional Director

Regional Director Jennifer has been leading SEE since early 2006 and has extensive experience in public sector HR and organisational development. She is a trained, accredited mediator and along with our Employment Director, delivers ILM-accredited mediation training.

Headshot of Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer

Development Director

Development Director Mark has been with SEE for over 20 years, working with councils and councillors to deliver coaching, personal development and democracy training. He helped to develop the Charter for Elected Member Development, a nationally-recognised mark of excellence for public authorities.

Headshot of David Maycock

David Maycock

Employment Director

Employment Director David joined SEE in 2010 after working at a national level in the fields of equality and diversity. He is a highly experienced HR professional and an accredited mediator, and specialises in equalities training and dispute resolution. Alongside Michelle, he delivers employment law and HR skills courses both on-site and bespoke for our region’s organisations.

Headshot of Michelle Biggs

Michelle Biggs

Employment Relations Consultant

Employment Relations Consultant Michelle, joined SEE in 2008, with extensive experience in Local Government HR. She delivers training, strategic consultancy and day-to-day advice on a wide-range of HR related topics, and is passionate about finding innovative ways to increase HR skills and knowledge.

Headshot of Sarah Cope

Sarah Cope

Business Development Manager

Our Business Development Manager Sarah joined SEE in June 2020. Sarah has over 15 years experience working in Local Government, and brings a varied range of skills to the SEE Team. She has worked as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer in previous roles, and has many years of experience working within a busy Communications team.

Headshot of Alistair Cope

Alistair Cope

Digital Officer

Alistair is an experienced social media manager, confidence coach and classically-trained actor. He is our Digital Manager.

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