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We thought you might find the following items of interest. The articles will link to external publications over which SEE has no control, and no endorsement from SEE is implied.

Local government in the news

12 October 2018 – A new report from NLGN argues for the need to reform partnerships between the public and private sectors

12 October 2018 – The TCPA’s Planning for Affordable Housing report looks at the reasons why councils are not meeting demands for affordable housing in England.

Social issues

12 October 2018 – The Social Market Foundation publication Barriers to eating healthily looks primarily at the economic barriers to accessing and healthy food in the UK

Local Government management

21 January 2019 – The Committee on Standards in Public Life has published its report on local government ethical standards.


7 January 2019 – Grant Thornton has developed Financial Foresight, a forward looking financial analytics and forecasting platform, to help support sustainability in local government. The tool takes account of factors such as population growth, funding forecasts and demand drivers to project local authority spend, income and operating costs. It provides a baseline view on the financial situation of every local authority in England and allows councils to benchmark themselves against others. Through Financial Foresight and our associated strategy workshops we can help local authorities test and appraise a range of financial strategies and levers to develop a plan for a sustainable future.

Contact Paul Dossett for further information.


11 January 2019 – The Local Government Association has established a new advice hub compiling useful national advice, sorted by topic area, as well as its own briefings in one place. Topics include no-deal planning, citizens’ rights, advice for businesses, EU funding, ports and workforce.


11 January 2019 – A new report by the think tank Reform review the first year of the apprenticeship levy, looking at whether it has incentivised more employers to provide quality apprenticeships and secured more opportunities for young people.  The report observes that the number of people starting an apprenticeship in the first six months fell by 40 per cent compared to the same period in the previous year. In addition, more experienced and older workers are increasingly becoming the focus of the apprenticeship programme, at the expense of less experienced and younger employees.  It also argues that the introduction of the levy has also diminished the quality of apprenticeships.  The report sets out a number of recommendations to improve the levy.

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